Did you know that your hair speaks a lot about you?

Did you know that your hair speaks a lot about you?

That's right, hair speaks for you!

They reflect your lifestyle and are therefore very important from an aesthetic point of view.

Hair reveals your state of health

If your diet is not balanced or if you have health problems, your hair will pay the price.

They are supplied by a network of blood vessels, so they need trace elements, vitamins and proteins, which are indispensable for their vitality.

Hair highlights everything that is ingested by the body.

This is why they are used for certain medical analyses and in forensic medicine.

They also react to anxiety stress and severe fatigue.

And so the expression 'getting grey hair' makes sense!

Hair is a reflection of your personality

In almost all civilisations, hair has been a symbol of beauty, femininity and seduction, but also a means of distinction and self-assertion.

It will therefore be very important to choose a colour and hairstyle that suits one's personality and puts one at ease.

Hair accompanies you throughout your life and indicates your general state of mind: in fact, the decision to change your haircut often comes after an important life event.

In conclusion, we can say that hair is a powerful means of expression on the physical plane, as well as a mirror of your transformations over time.

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