Hairstyle for the bride, because "Love is that thing that makes the journey worthwhile!"

A wedding can be organised according to very different styles and inspirations, the big challenge for us by ES NEW STYLE is to find the right look, in harmony with the mood of the ceremony

Bridal hairstyle: the watchword is 'Elegance'

A wedding can be organised according to very different styles and inspirations and the big challenge for us  by ES NEW STYLE is just finding the right look in harmony with the mood of the ceremony.

However, there is one fundamental characteristic in any bridal hairstyle: we are talking about elegance!

At least as far as the ceremony is concerned, the hairstyle must first of all be elegant: from the simplest to the most original, it is important that the bride is refined and impeccable in every detail.

Starting from this fixed point, we begin to outline the style that the bride's hair will have, always thinking about the face, makeup and of course the dress.

Assuming that elegance remains the guiding thread, there are however four different declinations that are particularly trendy at the moment.

Soft hairstyle

Soft, soft and natural hairstyles are characterised by fluffy, voluminous hair.

For this type of look, it is important that the interplay of volumes between hair, dress and figure is perfectly balanced.

Braids, braided hairstyle

Braids, i.e. all hairstyles that use the element of the braid as the protagonist.

There are two different types: one romantic and bohemian, with soft braids and flowers as accessories; another more rock, with reduced volumes, Amazon-inspired, for those looking for a more assertive style.

Curly hairstyle

Curly, or the world of the curly.

For curly hair hairstyles we alternate very different textures and find many types of crops.

In particular chignons at the back with large volumes at the front, in perfect eighties style, or keeping hair straight in front, perhaps using veils as accessories, and gathered curly hair at the back with a more natural taste.

Wet look, hairstyle with a wet effect

The wet look is still a trend for wedding hairstyles in 2022. The wet look  is achieved with a rain-effect spray and can be used on the base of a 'ponytail', leaving the tail dry, or in some hairstyle details.

This is the most summery and fresh style in the collection.

Hairstyle for the bride: accessories

Each of these styles can be accompanied by different accessories, although wedding hairstyles without accessories are increasingly being seen.

This is a way to enhance the hair even more: the hairstyle itself becomes the bride's accessory.

Bridal hairstyle: make-up

For this special day, it is important to choose make-up that enhances facial details and is in harmony with the style of the dress and the whole ceremony.

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