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Vapomist, the new frontier of wellness,
Book the Hyaluronic Acid Treatment with the VAPOMIST system

The new frontier of well-being

We have always been tireless researchers of new things aimed at the well-being of our customers, which is why we want to tell you about an important new development!

What if we told you that from today you can experience 'the new frontiers of wellness'? We have intrigued you, we know.

The new frontier of wellness is called Vapomist. This head washing device, which you can try in our salon, allows us to offer treatments with hot steam and rinsing with atomised cold water; it is a new approach to washing in which technology, hair health and wellness work in synergy to achieve a unique result.

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Science meets relaxation

The innovative hair washing device is the result of scientific research that proves its benefits. Vapomist is a true beneficial hair sauna, the heat together with our massage will allow the products to penetrate into the hair and scalp, enhancing their effectiveness.

Hot steam, by dilating the cells, cleans the hair and reactivates scalp microcirculation. The atomized (i.e. atomised) cold water rinse, on the other hand, allows deep penetration into the hair shaft, deeply moisturising it and prolonging its benefits. This treatment is useful for those with brittle and damaged hair. It is also often recommended to combat hair loss as it stimulates the blood vessels of the scalp and strengthens the bulbs of the hair follicles.

Vapomist is an excellent technological collaborator because it also optimises the other services offered, in fact, it has the incredible power to prolong the life of looks and colouring.

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Hyaluronic acid treatment combined with Vapomist

The benefits of hyaluronic acid on damaged or dehydrated hair are visible immediately.

Treatment with the vapomist for 15 minutes increases its effectiveness. The product acts inside and outside the cuticle. It repulps the hair fibre and regenerates the hair, making it soft and silky to the touch. The vapomist service with hyaluronic acid gives the hair a full and shiny appearance.

Imagine, then, that you can take care of your hair while totally relaxing as if you were at the spa. All the senses will be engaged, body and mind completely rested.

Not just a treatment but a true wellness experience.

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Come and try it, we are waiting for you