Problems with hair loss? Is your hair weak?

Have you been losing your hair for some time, or is your hair weak and brittle and has lost its beauty?

The problem

If you recognise yourself in any of the above problems, you may need to use anti-hair loss ampoules, which help to contain thinning hair, slow down hair loss and give your hair a thicker, revitalised look.

The solution

No problem!  

From ES NEW STYLEin Golfo Aranci (SS) at Via Libertà 219, you can try out Kérastase Specifique Antifall.

Kerastase anti-fall vials are an intensive treatment to be used  to reduce hair loss and improve hair strength and density. 

Specifique is a anti-fall treatment complete, formulated with exclusive Aminexil GL Mwhich helps to reduce hair loss stimulating the production of collagenwhich is a protein that makes the hair naturally more elastic. 

Each vial is a mix of natural sugars, energising and soothing molecules.

Anti-hair loss vials for stronger, stronger and easier to style hair. 

You can buy them directly from us in the salon and use them in the comfort of your own home.

Mode of use

In the case of intensive hair loss, apply one ampoule a day to the scalp for 6 to 8 weeks.

In the case of occasional falls, three ampoules per week are sufficient.  

Anti-hair loss treatment

They are recommended because:

  • They are a complete and effective anti-fall treatment.
  • The results are visible  already after the first month of use.
  • They significantly slow down temporary hair loss, strengthen hair and prevent dandruff formation in oily hair.
  • They do not irritate, they do not weigh down. 

Call us and make an appointment in the salon, after a careful diagnosis you could  start treatment Kerastase Specifique anti-hair loss combined with the Vapomist

Vapomist: the new frontier of wellness

Vapomist: the new frontier of well-being - (click here to find out what it is).

We have always been tireless researchers of new things aimed at the well-being of our customers, which is why we want to tell you about an important new development! 

What if we told you that from today you can experience 'The new frontier of well-being'? We have intrigued you, we know. 

The new frontier of well-being is called Vapomist.

This head washing device, which you can try out in our salon, allows us to offer treatments with hot steam and rinsing with atomised cold water; it is a new approach to washing in which technology, hair health and wellness work in synergy to achieve a unique result.  

With Vapomist, science meets relaxation!

The innovative headwash device is the result of scientific research that proves its benefits. Vapomist is a real beneficial hair sauna, the heat together with our massage will allow the products to penetrate the hair and scalp, enhancing their effectiveness.

Vapomist: how it works

The hot steam, by dilating the cells, cleans the hair and reactivates the scalp's microcirculation.

Atomised (i.e. atomised) cold water rinsing, on the other hand, allows deep penetration into the hair shaft, deeply moisturising it and prolonging its benefits.

This treatment is useful for those with brittle and damaged hair. It is also often recommended to combat hair loss because it stimulates the blood vessels of the scalp and strengthens the bulbs of the hair follicles. 

Vapomist is an excellent technological collaborator because it allows the optimisation of other services as well, in fact, it has the incredible power to prolong the life of looks and colours. 

Imagine, then, that you can take care of your hair while totally relaxing as if you were at the spa.

All the senses will be engaged, body and mind completely refreshed. 

Not just a treatment but a true wellness experience. 

Come and try Vapomist, we are waiting for you!

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