Halloween Style' ideas for your hair

Halloween Style ideas for your hair.

What do you prefer? Trick or Treat?

We are waiting for you in the salon to define your favourite hairstyle together

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A few ideas on hairstyles for Halloween

Have you already decided which of the many Halloween hairstyles you will sport this year?

Fear and pranks are at the heart of this festivity.

Not surprisingly, children ring the doors repeating the classic refrain "trick or treat?".

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Halloween hairstyles from the movies

People always think about the costume, make-up and location without paying too much attention to the hair, mistakenly believing that it is not important for the role to be played.

However, if you really want to impress your friends, you should also start thinking about hair for Halloween.

Here are some ideas.

Princess Leia's chignons

In Star Wars, Princess Leia set the standard with her side chignons.

Divide the hair in half and create the centre parting; tie the hair in a ponytail on each side with an elastic band, but hide it and secure the hair with bobby pins.

The braids of Wednesday Addams

If you have long, raven hair, you can impersonate Wednesday from the Addams Family, with her shiny shoulder-length braids.

Wash your hair making it very shiny and perfectly straight using the appropriate products.

Wednesday's hair has no volume and braids start at the back of the neck, so part your hair with a perfect centre parting.

Brush your hair and build tight braids, ending them with a black rubber band.

Elle Driver's curls on Kill Bill

Sensual hair to go with an aggressive outfit dominated by black leather.

Wash your hair and dry it perfectly, then use a curling iron or classic straightener, passing small strands through it.

When you are full of curls, carefully open the curls by running your hands over them to make them fall softly and gently on your shoulders, and finally use a fixative.

Finally, remember the eye patch and bright red lipstick.

The American Witch Hairstyle

With washed and dried hair, backcomb the roots of many small strands to give them more volume.

Depending on the length of your hair, you can create a Frisé, or seductive ringlets, or even choose a wet look.

For curls use a wet-effect gel, working the strands individually.

For a subtle messy hair effect, drop a few strands on your face.

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